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2 fourwheelers at rest Sept00
Andy in river01 Sept00
Andy upstairs sitting01 Sept00
Andy upstairs sitting02 Sept00
Bicycles in back room Sept00
Bluff from the house 01 Sept00
Burning grill01 Sept00
Burning Grill02 Sept00
Callie Face shot Sept00
Callie funnyface spring sept00
Callie sitting with food Sept00
Car n Andy at river Sept00
Carl cooking at grill01 Sept00
Carl cooking at grill02 Sept00
Carl n Tamara at Spring Sept00
Carl not sure whats up Sept00
Carl Shooting Sept00
Carl shooting01 Sept00
Carl shooting02 Sept00
Carl shooting03 Sept00
Carl shooting04 Sept00
Carl shooting05 Sept00
Carl sleeping Sept00
Carl sleeping02 Sept00
Carl sleeping03 Sept00
Carl with gun01 Sept00
CarlTamara at spring faraway Sept00
Carrie and Mikko sept00
Carrie Mikko Bob front porch Sept00
Cooler01 Sept00
Cooler02 Sept00
Cooler03 Sept00
Downstairs clothes rack Sept00
Downstairs living room01 Sept00
Downstairs living room02 Sept00
Game cleaning room01 Sept00
Greenroom dark Sept00
Kitchen after lunch01 Sept00
Kitchen after lunch02 Sept00
Let sleeping boats lie Sept00
Living room01 Sept00
Living room02 Sept00
Lockers01 Sept00
Looking east south side of house Sept00
Mihs painting01 Sept00
Party at Spring Sept00
Prince on the hunt01 Sept00
Prince on the hunt02 Sept00
River party01 Sept00
River Party02 Sept00
River party03 Sept00
River party04 Sept00
River shot01 Sept00
Road to barn from house Sept00
Road to gate from house Sept00
Shooting target far Sept00
Spring01 Sept00
Spring02 Sept00
Spring03 Sept00
Steve Face shot Sept00
Stuff in back room Sept00
Tamara and food Sept00
Tamara shooting01 Sept00
Tamara shooting02 Sept00
Tamara shooting03 Sept00
Tamara shooting04 Sept00
Tamara shooting05 Sept00
Tamara shooting06 Sept00
Targets on tree01 Sept00
Targets on tree02 Sept00
Truck 4wheeler Sept00
Under kitchen bedroom01 Sept00
Well from front of house Sept00
Workroom 01 Sept00
Zeus in cage01 Sept00
Zeus in cage02 Sept00

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