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01 View
Another side of jeffs house
Aunt Peggy and Licorice01
Aunt Peggy and Licorice02
Aunt Peggy w Zeus
basement patio
from porch view
front jeff house
garage again
jeff house upstairs inside
Jeffs house01
jeffs house02
Lic playing03
Licorice again
Mom and aunt Peggy
Mom and Aunt Peggy02
Mom and Dad Garage01
mom and dad garage02
Mom and Dad Garage03
more views
mstrbath garden tub maggie never uses
mstrbath shower puppies sleep in
new addition
pretty view
road back to civilization
side of jeffs house
side of mom and dad's house
upstairs bath
upstairs garage01
upstairs garage02
upstairs garage03
upstairs room
view from jeffs house
view from side of house
view of lake01
view of lake02
view of woods
Zeus conquering cage
Zeus has found new flockmate
Zeus in basement
Zeus In house
Zeus on food

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